NCRB has discovered errors resulting in hundreds of thousands of plan participants receiving hundreds of millions of dollars!

See the following examples of how NCRB has helped it's clients:

NCRB discovered an error in a pension plan that resulted in 7,000 former employees receiving additional payments of $18,000,000. The plan administrators used an incorrect interest rate.

An airline pilot worked past the normal retirement age of his company's plan. NCRB recalculated his pension based on complicated rules and secured an additional $30,000 for him.

A divorcee received a portion of her ex-spouse's profit sharing payout under a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order). NCRB found allocation problems and caused the company to make corrections which resulted in an additional payment to our client of $15,000.

A pension plan used an incorrect interest rate to cash out our client. A more favorable rate should have been used. NCRB secured an additional $5,000 of pension payments for the client.

A group of 125 employees of a midwest company were cashed out of a pension plan when the company was sold to a new owner. IRS rules affecting the calculations of their benefits were not followed and our clients received additional benefits in excess of $300,000.

Flawed software was used by a pension department of an insurance company to cash out our client. Correction of the error resulted in 40% additional money being paid to our client.

A company stopped the accrual of pension benefits but did not notify the participants in a timely manner as required by law. NCRB discovered the error and our client received an additional payment of $3,500.

A young client received a lump sum pension payout of $1,850 after 10 years with a major company. For him, NCRB was able to obtain a benefit increase of 300%!

NCRB has reviewed plans, discovered errors and recovered money from a vast array of company pension plans, including:

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